• Smokeless tobacco alternative 
  • ZERO tobacco and ZERO nicotine
  • Certified Organic Flavor
  • FDA compliant wrapped strips (similar to pouch dimensions)
  • Available flavors: Wintergreen / Mint / Original
  • Microbial tested
  • Consumers and product purchase for adults 21+ years of age   
  • Similar taste as the traditional chewing tobacco
  • Flavors can be swallowed 
  • Strips assist with lessened gum deterioration
  • Strips do not stick to mucosa / inner lining of oral cavity
  • Satisfy addiction / in a healthier way
  • Place the strip between your lip and gum
  • Immediate flavor release / apply pressure for addition flavor
  • Do not place more than one strip into mouth at a time
  • Do not chew or swallow the strip
  • Do not eat, drink, sleep, or extreme activity while you are using strip
  • Avoid using strip from a can with a expired date

Krav Alternatives provides our consumers with organic certified and FDA compliant products, what we believe to be the safer way to satisfy your needs. 

Using Krav Alternatives may subject you to health issues including, but not limited to, allergic reactions, choking hazard, and platform for use of any and all other addictive, but not limited to products. Krav Alternatives are not liable for injuries or health illnesses that occur. The use of Krav Alternatives service and products is at your own risk.  Please use and enjoy Krav Alternatives properly.