Product exchange / refund*

We are happy to provide you with the absolute best and transparent service with any and all of your needs. Here at KRAV Alternatives, we will happily provide you with an even exchange of products that may have been damaged during the shipping process. Products must still be sealed and unused. Any and all damaged products that are shipped back for exchange are immediately destroyed. Products to be returned for a even exchange will be shipped with a product return label that we will provide to you. Once you receive the return shipping label, print label and apply it to the original box that you received your order in. Please allow time for your new product to arrive following the arrival of returned product. We do not offer a money back guarentee with our product but will work with you on a solution.

Proper way to maximize your KRAV Alternatives experience*

Consumers of KRAV Alternatives are to use our flavored strips similar to traditional pouches and long cut tobacco products. The strips are to be place between the gum and cheek, upper or lower oral areas.

Once a KRAV Alternative strip is placed into proper oral location (proper oral location listed above) , flavor can last for approximately thirty to forty-five minutes depending on the amount of flavored juices released from strip. The amount of flavored juice released from strip depends on the amount of pressure one applies between the cheek and gum.

Consumers of KRAV Alternatives have option of swallowing the flavored juices or expectorate (spit) flavored juices.

Once a KRAV Alternative strip has lost its flavor we recommend removing the strip from mouth and properly disposing of it.

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to reuse / use a KRAV Alternatives strip as it has lost its flavor and or it's integrity.

KRAV Alternative strips are NOT TO BE CHEWED and NOT TO BE SWALLOWED. Chewing on strip will promote loss of strip integrity and avoid swallowing strip as it could be harmful, a choking hazard.

DO NOT SLEEP, REST, EAT, OR DRINK while using a KRAV Alternative strip as it could become harmful, choking hazard.

When using KRAV Alternatives, CONSUMERS ARE TO INSERT OR USE ONE STRIP each time of usage. Multiple strips inserted into mouth could become harmful as a choking hazard. DO NOT INSERT OR USE MULTIPLE STRIPS AT EACH TIME.

Each can of KRAV Alternatives displays a BEST TO USE BEFORE DATE. CONSUMERS are to USE KRAV Alternative strips between the date of recieving product up until the BEST TO USE BEFORE DATE labeled on the bottom of each can.


KRAV Alternatives provides our consumers with organic certified and FDA compliant products, what we believe to be the safer way to satisfy your needs. Please use use and enjoy KRAV Alternatives properly.

Using KRAV Alternatives may subject you to health issues including, but not limited to, allergic reactions, choking hazard, and platform for use of any and all other products. KRAV Alternatives are not liable for injuries or health illnesses that occur.The use of KRAV Alternatives service and products is at your own risk. Contact us